Recent PhDs

2018-19 (as of August 2018)

Yuanyuan Jiang - August 2018 PhD AlumYuanyuan Jiang

PhD to be received August 2018

Thesis Title: Full-Body Joint Action in Pedestrian Road Crossing Virtual Environment

Advisor: Joe Kearney

Employment: Assistant Professor, California State University - San Marcos, California

Farley Lai - August 2017 PhD AlumZhe Li

PhD to be received August 2018

Thesis Title: Optimizing Neural Network Structures: Faster Speed, Smaller Size and Less Tuning

Advisor: Tianbao Yang

Employment: Machine Learning/Computer Vision Engineer, Apple, Cupertino, California

Xiaoxuan Zhang - August 2018 PhD AlumXiaoxuan Zhang

PhD to be received August 2018

Thesis Title: Online Learning for Imbalance Data: Optimizing the Asymmetric Measures

Advisor: Tianbao Yang

Employment: Data Scientist, Ancestry, San Francisco Bay Area


Farley Lai - August 2017 PhD AlumFarley Lai

PhD received August 2017

Thesis Title: Stream Processing Optimizations for Mobile Sensing Applications

Advisor: Octav Chipara

Employment: Senior Associate Researcher, NEC Labs America, Princeton, New Jersey


Santanu Bhowmick - May 17 PhD AlumSantanu Bhowmick

PhD received May 2017

Thesis Title: Multi-Covering Problems and Their Variants

Advisor: Kasturi R. Varadarajan

Employment: Software Engineer - Maps, Apple, Cupertino, California

Shabih Hasan - May 2017 PhD AlumShabih Hasan

PhD received May 2017

Thesis Title: Mobile Ecological Momentary Assessment based Hearing Aid Evaluations

Advisor: Octav Chipara

Employment: Director: IoT & Wearable Research, Delos Living LLC, Rochester, Minnesota

Rahil Sharma - Dec 16 PhD AlumRahil Sharma

PhD received December 2016

Thesis Title: Shared and Distributed Memory Parallel Algorithms to Solve Big Data Problems in Biological, Social Networks, and Spatial Domain Applications

Advisor: Suely Oliveira

Employment: Sr. R&D Engineer, Synopsys, Mountain View, California

Vivek Sardeshmukh - December 2016 PhD AlumVivek Sardeshmukh

PhD received December 2016

Thesis Title: Efficient Graph Computing on the Congested Clique

Advisor: Sriram Pemmaraju

Employment: Lead Software Engineer, Cadence Design Systems, San Jose, California


Xin Xiao - May 2016 PhD AlumXin Xiao

PhD received May 2016

Thesis Title: Coresets, Complexity of Shapes, and Total Sensitivity

Advisor: Kasturi Varadarajan

Employment: Senior Software Engineer, Mathworks, Natick, Massachusetts

Jason Fries - August 2015 PhD AlumJason Fries

PhD received August 2015

Thesis Title: Modeling Words for Online Sexual Behavior Surveillance and Clinical Text Information Extraction

Advisor: Alberto Segre

Employment: Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford, University, Stanford, California

Valerie Galluzzi - August 2015 PhD AlumValerie (Galluzzi) Liptak

PhD received August 2015

Thesis Title: Automatic Recognition of Healthcare Worker Hand Hygiene

Advisor: Ted Herman

Employment: Applied Scientist, Amazon, Seattle, Washington. Prior: Assistant Professor, Computer Science and Software Engineering, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, Terre Haute, Indiana

Mauricio Mansalvo - August 2015 PhD AlumMauricio Monsalve

PhD received August 2015

Thesis Title: Computational Applications to Hospital Epidemiology

Advisor: Sriram Pemmaraju

Employment: Postdoctoral Scholar, Centro Nacional de Investigación para la Gestión Integrada de Desastres Naturales (CIGIDEN), Santiago de Chile


Chao Yang - May 2015 PhD Alum

Chao Yang

PhD received May 2015

Thesis Title: From Surveys to Surveillance Strategies: a Case Study of Life Satisfaction

Advisor: Padmini Srinivasan

Employment: Applied Scientist, Amazon, Seattle, Washington area

Geoffrey Fairchild - December 2014 PhD Alum

Geoffrey Fairchild

PhD received December 2014

Thesis Title: Improving Disease Surveillance: Sentinel Surveillance Network Design and Novel Uses of Wikipedia

Advisor: Alberto Segre

Employment: Scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, New Mexico

Tianyi Liang - December 2014 PhD AlumTianyi Liang

PhD received December 2014

Thesis Title: Automated Reasoning over String Constraints

Advisor: Cesare Tinelli

Employment: Quantitative Software Engineer, Two Sigma, New York City area

Alessio Signorini - December 2014 PhD AlumAlessio Signorini

PhD received December 2014

Thesis Title: Use of Social Media to Monitor and Predict Outbreaks and Public Opinion on Health Topics

Advisor: Alberto Segre

Employment: Director of Research, Evidation Health, Menlo Park, California

Lucio Tolentino - December 2014 PhD AlumLucio Tolentino

PhD received December 2014

Thesis Title: Effective and Efficient Algorithms for Simulating Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Advisor: Alberto Segre

Employment: Computer & Data Scientist, Mashable, New York City area