Graduate Programs

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The University of Iowa Computer Science Department offers two graduate degree programs: a research-oriented Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree and a professionally oriented Master of Computer Science (MCS) degree. (Strictly speaking, we also offer a Master of Science (MS) degree, but this is only granted along the way to students working towards the PhD.) A subtrack in software engineering is available within the MCS program; in addition, interdisciplinary studies programs at both masters and doctoral levels are available through the Graduate College. Undergrad students at the University of Iowa, getting a BS or a BA in Computer Science may take advantage of our 5-year BS-MCS or BA-MCS program. A version of this program is now available to Computer Science students at Grinnell College.

If you are interested in applying to one of our graduate programs, the Prospective Students page would be an excellent place to start. Alternately, follow these links to learn more about the department and its graduate programs:

Note: The information contained herein applies to students matriculating in Fall 2017. Students entering the  graduate program prior to Fall 2017 are held to the degree requirements in force at the time of matriculation. For information about those requirements, please consult the previous versions of this  handbook, available in the CS Department Office, 14 MacLean Hall.