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2nd Iowa Computer Science Graduate Research Symposium

W401 PBB audience and presenter during an afternoon symposium talk

At the 2nd Iowa Computer Science Graduate Research Symposium (2016), Senior CS PhD students presented talks on their latest research, showcasing a variety of CS research areas including algorithms, mobile computing, networks, programming languages, and virtual reality. This was followed by a "keynote" by CS Professor and Chair Alberto Segre. Talks were intended for a wide audience with interest in CS, including CS juniors and seniors.

Coinciding with the Graduate Research Symposium, the Computer Science (CS) department hosted a Prospective Student Visit Day for individuals from around the country interested in graduate programs in CS. We are looking for strong students with diverse backgrounds to join our MCS and PhD programs. A wide variety of research areas are represented by our world-class faculty including algorithms, computational epidemiology, distributed computing, human-computer interaction, machine learning, massive data algorithms and technology, mobile computing, networks, programming languages, text mining, and virtual reality. The talks presented by current CS graduate students at the Symposium are excellent examples of the exciting research taking place here in Iowa City!

More on the Symposium here.