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Department Welcomes Bijaya Adhikari to its Faculty

Bijaya Adhikari portrait shot in from University of Iowa's Old Capitol building

Bijaya Adhikari is an Assistant Professor in Computer Science at the University of Iowa. He received his PhD from Virginia Tech, a master's degree in computer science from Virginia Tech and a bachelor's degree from Vistula University in Warsaw, Poland. He has published at both top data mining and domain-specific venues (SIGKDD, ICDM, WWW, SDM, PLoS Computational Biology - his paper was selected by the editors to be featured on the PLOS Complexity channel as well). He has also won multiple awards from CS@VT (Pratt Fellowship), travel awards etc.

He bring to UIowa CS a research interest, which lies in data mining and machine learning, with a focus on dynamical processes (e.g. spread of misinformation, diseases, failures) on large networks (e.g. web, population contact networks, critical infrastructures). His recent work include AI for influenza forecasting, e-commerce search and fraud detection, outbreak detection in hospitals, network embedding, community detection, and network summarization.

As a member of the Computational Epidemiology Group, he will primarily investigate problems motivated by public health such as propagation of diseases via contact network, forecasting outbreaks of infectious diseases, and designing optimal surveillance systems.

Department also welcomes Guanpeng Li, Garrett Morris, and Supreeth Shastri.