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Grinnell-UI CS U2G program opens Fall '17

Linh Pham will be one of the first students in the UI/Grinnell joint U2G program.

Linh Pham is one of the three seniors starting in the UI/Grinnell joint U2G program.


Three seniors, getting a BA in Computer Science at Grinnell College, are now taking a UI CS graduate course CS:5810:0EXW Formal Methods in Software Engineering, taught by Prof. Cesare Tinelli.

This course is being taken by UI CS graduate students here on the UI campus and is simultaneously being delivered online to Grinnell students.  These three Grinnell seniors form the first batch of students enrolled in the Grinnell-UI CS U2G program.  After finishing their senior year at Grinnell, these students will spend one year (2018-19 academic year) on the UI campus in Iowa City and complete the Masters of Computer Science (MCS) degree. This program is an exciting extension of the U2G program that the UI CS department offers to its own undergraduate students.