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Microsoft Student Partner/ACM Raspberry Pi Bake Off

Ryan Wedoff's Smart IOT Apartment Display Board and a Raspberry Pi running Alic Szecsei's NAO Robot communication program.

The 2017 MSP/ACM Raspberry Pi Bake Off ended on the evening of Thursday, March 9! Starting in January, students had the opportunity to create any project using a Raspberry Pi. MSP and ACM President Ryan Wedoff and ACM Webmaster Heather Kemp judged the final projects based on Creativity, Use of Hardware, Technical Challenge, Type of Problem Solved, a People’s Choice award, and lastly, bonus points if you used Windows IOT Core. The prize was $250 towards the Microsoft Store.

Ryan Wedoff's Smart IOT Apartment Display Board

There was an array of submissions from very serious entries to quite comical ones. The competition started with Ryan Wedoff showing his Smart IOT Apartment Display Board, which included weather and buttons that controlled a relay so he could turn a lamp on and off in his apartment, all using a Raspberry Pi.

Wesley Weirather and Liam Crawford created Chicken on a Raft

One of the more comical submissions was called Chicken on a Raft, created by undergraduates Wesley Weirather and Liam Crawford. This project had a visual of a chicken standing on a raft with a silly song in the background. The submission made use of Windows IOT Core and was a very creative idea, so they earned a lot of points.

The winning project, created by Alic Szecsei, was a server written in Python and put on a Raspberry Pi. The server was used to pass messages between NAO Robots and other clients. While the Raspberry Pi code was not the most interesting the use of Hardware, the NAO Robots, put this project on top. “It was amazing seeing the robots perform, all because of the Raspberry Pi server” a student in the audience said. Overall, the night was a big success and Ryan hopes we can expand this competition in the future. “I really think this gives software students a chance to reach out and learn something new.  It truly makes you feel like you can program anything if you can get that little Raspberry Pi working. It feels like magic!”

Alic Szecsei and two of the UI CS Dept's NAO robotsAlic Szecsei and two of the UI CS Dept's NAO robots