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Thoughts of a Recent Graduate: Chris Hlady

Thoughts of a Recent Graduate: Chris Hlady, PhD 2011

Chris Hlady is a 2011 PhD graduate. He had earned his MS in 2009, also at the University of Iowa. In 2006 he had received a BS in Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Chris is a native of Moline, IL.

Can you describe your dissertation research briefly and for a lay audience

My PhD research involved modeling healthcare workers, patients, and infectious diseases and building a realistic simulation of a hospital to answer questions about efficient use of resources and the spread of hospital-acquired infections.

What are you doing now in a professional capacity?

I work as a software development engineer at My team designs, builds and maintains the AmazonLocal website, and the Scalable, redundant back-end service used by the website and out mobile applications.

Advisor: Alberto Segre | CompEpi

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