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Thoughts of a Recent Graduate: Harley Eades (Updated)

Harley Eades is a 2014 PhD graduate. He had earned his MS in 2012 also at the University of Iowa. His advisor was Aaron Stump and he was a member of the Computational Logic Center.

Can you describe your dissertation research briefly and for a lay audience?

My dissertation explored the design and mathematical analysis of dependently typed functional programming languages. These are programming languages of the future because they come equipped with the ability to verify the correctness of programs using mathematical logic. Verifying the correctness of software is important especially for software that controls safety critical devices like cars, planes, and nuclear power plants.

What are you doing now in a professional capacity?

I am now an assistant professor of computer science in the Department of Computer and Information Sciences  at Georgia Regents University Augusta (GRU). At GRU I teach all of the theoretical computer science courses, and work on research applying logic and category theory to various areas of computer science.

Grant award update (Feb 2016)

A project, entitled "CRII: SHF: A New Foundation for Attack Trees Based on Monoidal Categories," is under Harley's direction. It will develop a new connection between threat analysis of security critical systems and software verification using typed functional programming by developing a new domain-specific programming language for specifying and certifying the correctness of threat analyses using attack trees. The design of this new language will be the byproduct of a new mathematical foundation of attack trees in the abstract mathematical theory called category theory.

This two-year project has recently been awarded  $70,271 by the NSF.


Advisor: Aaron Stump | Computational Logic Center

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