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Thoughts of a Recent Graduate: Yelena Mejova

Thoughts of a Recent Graduate: Yelena Mejova, PhD 2012

Yelena Mejova is a 2012 PhD graduate. She received a BS in Computer Science from Minnesota State University Moorhead in 2007. She recently co-edited "Twitter: A Digital Socioscope."

What are you doing now in a professional capacity?

I am a Scientist at the Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI), living in Doha, Qatar. At QCRI I develop methods for linking the online social media world to the "real" world. We track dietary habits of social media users to estimate obesity and diabetes rates, and to discover the importance of social connections in health. We also attempt to expand the "filter bubble" of online users by personalizing recommendations of less-popular news items. As a researcher, I get to travel all over the world and meet amazing people -- I highly recommend it! Previously, I was a Postdoc at Yahoo! Labs in Barcelona.

Can you describe your dissertation research briefly and for a lay audience?

My PhD research was on opinion extraction and sentiment analysis of social media text.

Advisor: Padmini Srinivasan | Web Mining

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