Adding & Dropping Classes

First Week of Classes

For the first 5 days of classes in the spring semester, students will be able to drop, add, or change sections or semester hours for courses on myUI. The exception is for courses that have been restricted for all students and have wait lists.

Paper Process (Beginning Second Week of Classes)

The Change of Registration Form allows you to add or drop courses, change semester hours, or change your section. You can fill out the form online, print it out, and once you have it completed and the necessary signatures are obtained, return it to the Registrar's Service Center, 2700 University Capitol Centre (UCC). The form is located on the Office of the Registrar's web site at The form also is on myUI.

Instructor Signature

Adding: Please see the faculty instructor of the class for all courses. For discussion sections, please see Course Supervisor, not Teaching Assistant.

Dropping: Please see the faculty instructor of the class (Course Supervisor for discussion sections) or the staff in the CS Department office in 14 MLH.

Advisor Signature

Computer Science or Informatics Majors With:

  • A CS Faculty Member Advisor: Please see your advisor. If unavailable, you may see Emma Kirk in B20H MLH.
  • An Academic Advising Center Advisor: Please see your advisor.