Downloading software from Imagine/DreamSpark/ELMS

Step-by-step example (using Visual Studio) of downloading software from Imagine/DreamSpark/ELMS



  1. Account information: Make sure you have your account info for the ELMS website. See the "What is my ELMS username and password?" answer from the main page.
  2. Free space: When you download Visual Studio, you will need approximately 5 GB free on your C: drive. Make sure you have enough space before starting the download.
  3. Fast network: Since you will be downloading a lot of data, make sure you are on a reliable high speed connection. Wireless connections can be unreliable and may cause you to have to start over.
  4. ISO burning software: The Visual Studio download comes as an ISO image of how the files are organized on the CD/DVD and not the install files themselves. You will need software that can treat the ISO image as a special file before burning it. There are a variety of software programs that can do this. Some examples of software that can do burn ISO images are Nero or Easy CD Creator (Roxio).
  5. Windows Operating System: Don't do this in the Linux labs, it won't work. You must do this on your personal laptop or computer (as long as it is running windows).


Downloading the Visual Studio ISO Files

Assumptions: You've gone through the checklist; You used Firefox to access the ELMS website. If you use Edge to access the site, the screen shots may look a bit different.

  1. Sign in at Software Install Example Screenshot 1
  2. After logging in, you should see the software products page.Imagine Software Install Example Screenshot 2

  3. Next, click on the icon labeled "Microsoft Visual Studio 2015" which will take you to the Product Details page.Imagine Software Install Example Screenshot 3

  4. Select the default install or pick the desired one (Click on “Add to Cart”).

  5. Click on “Express Checkout” or "Shopping Cart."

  6. If you agree to the conditions, click "I Accept" to proceed to the Customer Information page.Imagine Software Install Example Screenshot 6Imagine Software Install Example Screenshot 7

  7. Click "Proceed With Order.” You will receive an email receipt and be prompted to "Download Your Software" or view the "Order Receipt."

  8. When choosing "Download Your Software," click on download and save the *.iso file.

Should burning an ISO image be required and you require assistance, please see an answer from Microsoft at "Using Subscriber Downloads" under Using ISO image files or Working with Image Files (IMG and ISO).