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  • Mar24

    Widely used systems such as operating systems and web servers are implemented in unsafe programming languages for efficiency, and system designers often prioritize performance over security. Hence, these foundational systems inherently suffer from a variety of vulnerabilities and insecure designs that have been exploited by adversaries to launch critical system attacks. Two typical goals of these attacks are to leak sensitive data and to control victim systems. 

    4:00pm to 5:00pm
    110 MLH
    Kangjie Lu
    Georgia Institute of Technology | Computer Science
  • Mar23

    We have an amazing panel consisting of Iowa's Kyle Rector and Denise Szecsei, Software Engineer Meredith Godar, with moderator former ACM Member, Asmaa Elkeurti.

    The theme of the panel will be Uber's Sexual Harassment and other Challenges Women Face in the Tech Sector.

    This will be an open Q&A session where you can ask these amazing people about their past experiences and challenges they faced.

    Pizza will be provided.

    110 MLH
    ACM University of Iowa Chapter
  • Mar09

     Arduino & Raspberry Pi

    Join us for the judging of the Spring 2017 Raspberry Pi bake off!  The prize is $250 towards the Microsoft store, sponsored by Microsoft Student Partner Ryan Wedoff and Microsoft. If you need a Raspberry Pi, you can ask Professor Jones to borrow one. ACMofficers will be judging based on the criteria below:

    • Creativity
    • Use of hardware
    • Technical Challenge
    • Type of problem solved

    Bonus if you use Windows IOT Core.

    6:30pm to 8:00pm
    MLH (Details TBD)
    ACM University of Iowa Chapter
  • Mar09

    The "free" Web is powered by a multi-billion dollar online advertising industry. Advertisers track users across the Web to show them targeted advertisements. Professor Shafiq will discuss the scope of online tracking, including its implications on user privacy and government surveillance. He will also discuss current UI research on increasing transparency to empower users to limit online tracking. This lecture is sponsored by the University of Iowa Provost's Office of Outreach & Engagement.

    12:00pm to 1:00pm
    Iowa Memorial Union (IMU), Iowa Theater
    Zubair Shafiq
    University of Iowa Provost's Office of Outreach & Engagement
  • Mar09

    In the lead-up top the presidential election of 2016, both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders were quoted saying "the system is rigged."  They meant very different things, but the as the election grew closer it became evident that hackers, probably Russian, were actively attempting to break into state voter registration databases as well as engaging in an orchestrated "fake news" campaign with carefully curated and well-timed leaks of hacked e-mails.  Conspiracy theories from the left and right pointed to massive voter fraud. What really happened?

    12:00pm to 1:00pm
    Congregational Church | 30 N Clinton St
    Douglas Jones
    Iowa City Foreign Relations Council
  • Mar08

    Modern day cybercrime has become a heavy burden on the Internet ecosystem and caused increasing loss to end users, ranging from scam websites to message abuse to compromises of bank accounts. The explosive growth of online services and user-generated data facilitate the engagement in illegal activities. Mitigating emerging threats requires both gathering empirical measurements to understand the operation logistics of attacks and developing practical defense mechanisms.

    4:30pm to 5:30pm
    118 MLH
    Shuang Hao
    University of California | Computer Science
  • Mar07

    If you are enrolled or are considering declaring the Large Data Analysis certificate in your studies at the University of Iowa, please drop by our informational meeting.

    We will have pizza and drinks! Drop by and meet professors or other students involved or interested in the certificate.

    Notice that some new CS and Stat courses will be accepted starting in Fall 2017.

    12:00pm to 1:00pm
    Muhly Lounge - 3 MLH
  • Mar07

    Sign up for a mock interview through is a great way to prepare for future interviews in the tech industry.

    This follows a 3/6 Google Tech Talk,

    8:15am to 4:00pm
    Pomerantz Career Center (3rd floor)
    ACM University of Iowa Chapter
  • Mar06

    Googler-to-Googler Interview Demo 7:30 - 8:15pm

    Gain tips on best practices for a technical interview by watching Googlers demo a good and a bad interview.

    Google’s Cloud Platform: What does it do? 8:20 - 9:20pm

    Learn all about one of Google’s latest projects through this tech talk.


    7:30pm to 9:20pm
    101 BCSB
    ACM University of Iowa Chapter
  • Mar06

    In the first part of this talk, I will discuss our research on de-anonymization and inference attacks and privacy risk quantification. First, I will present a novel profile matching scheme that quantifies and shows the risk of the profile matching attack in unstructured social networks (in which similarity in graphical structure cannot be used for profile matching).

    4:30pm to 5:30pm
    118 MLH
    Erman Ayday
    Bilkent University | Department of Computer Engineering
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