Colloquium - Election Security is Harder Than You Think

October 2, 2020 - 4:00pm to 5:00pm
Zoom - See emails for details
Matt Bernhard

In this talk, I outline some of the challenges to securing elections in the United States, relying on my own research as well as recent reports of security incidents. I discuss two hot-button topics, ballot-marking devices and post-election audits, the challenges they present to election security, and what we as voters can do about it. I provide an overview of other threat surfaces to elections, and how they are defended (or not). I conclude with a discussion of what to look for in the days surrounding the November election and how to get involved in your local election process.


Matt Bernhard portraitDr. Matt Bernhard is a research engineer at VotingWorks, a non-profit non-partisan tech startup focused on building better election infrastructure. He received his B.A. from Rice University, and his MS and PhD from the University of Michigan. His research has focused on the social impacts poor security policy has on the world at large, addressing topics like election security, censorship, Internet measurement, and computer usability.