Final Exam - Towards a Privacy-Preserving Web

July 19, 2021 - 10:00am
This Final Exam will be held remotely

PhD Candidate: Umar Iqbal


The web's modular nature is responsible for its tremendous success as well as its chronic insecurity. The modular nature of building web applications allows publishers to add new functionality to their websites by embedding third parties as needed. However, the modularity, by its very nature, also requires that publishers implicitly trust the embedded third parties. The browsers impose only modest restrictions on third party resource embedding, leaving users susceptible to be exploited by malicious third parties that often blatantly bypass these restrictions. One of the most important consequences of this design is privacy-invasive, cross-site tracking by third parties without knowledge or consent of users. In this thesis, I aim to build privacy-enhancing tools that can be deployed in web browsers to rein in cross-site tracking.

Advisor: Zubair Shafiq

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