Mission Creek - Art + Life + Tech (ALT): An Unexpected Narrative: Experiences & Experiments

E125 Visual Arts Building
Nick Scappaticci, Tellart CEO | Matt Arnold, ConnectFive UX Director
Mission Creek Festival | Our Lives Online Theme Semester

Join Mission Creek Festival's Art + Life + Technology (A+L+T) series for a kick-off discussion with presenters Nick Scappaticci, CEO at Tellart, and Matt Arnold, UX Director at ConnectFive. This event is in partnership with the Our Lives Online Theme Semester.

The discussion is free and open to the public.

About A+L+T

Art + Life + Technology will explore intersections between technology and our lives. Through a series of presentations and community discussions we seek to: Inspire and build community creativity empowered and enabled by technology; Display technology as means to creative ends, rather than an end in itself; and Build a broader community among art and tech cultures through inspiring content.

About Tellart

Tellart logo

Tellart is an international experience design studio. Our vision is to work with design at the frontier of technology, in order to give people new ways of exploring and engaging with the world. Our projects combine storytelling with highly complex and experimental technologies.

About ConnectFive

ConnectFive logo is a user experience consultancy that specializes in designing digital products and services that are both meaningful for users and effective for business.


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