Science on Tap - Robot Theater

November 14, 2019 - 5:30pm to 6:30pm
Stanley Café in Hancher Auditorium
Denise Szecsei
UIowa Computer Science | The Research Development Office and Hancher

Robots have integrated into our society, moving beyond manufacturing applications. Robots can now be found working in hotels, hospitals, and schools. They are learning to drive and deliver packages. Robots also appear in television shows, films, and plays. Historically, when robot characters appeared in film or on stage, human actors played the roles. Technological advances have made it possible for robots to perform character versions of themselves. The University of Iowa’s Robot Theater Project (UIRTP) explores the impact of robot actors on theatrical performances, and also uses robot theater to advance STEM education. For this presentation, NAO humanoid robots will perform a variety of skits and routines developed by UI students, and Denise Szecsei will discuss the development of the project.

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30 PM