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  • Apr12

    Going online to connect with others, seek support, and share original content has become a pervasive part of contemporary society. Although an increasing proportion of older adults now go online, older people are often considered ‘lurkers’ or passively engaged online. In this talk, I will share results that understand older adults as online content creators and introduce new systems that enable lifelong online engagement through creating and sharing original content.

    118 MLH
    Anne Marie Piper
    Northwestern University
  • Apr11

    Come join ACM @ UIOWA for an end of the semester pasta party! We'll be doing a reprise of last semester's Spaghetti [Coding] Social. We'll be serving up spaghetti (with sauce), garlic bread, salad, and good vibes! Coding is in the name, but no need to bring your laptop. We were looking for a fun way to tie the name into technology :)

    All students are welcome; please note we will be serving both 1) gluten and gluten-free pasta, and 2) meat and vegetarian sauce options.  

    6:30pm to 8:00pm
    3 MLH (Muhly Lounge)
    ACM University of Iowa Chapter
  • Apr10

    The art world has come a long way in the past 10 years with technological advancements driving innovation and creating new digital spaces to explore. This rapid pace of creative development is likely to continue, with new technology such as augmented reality and artificial intelligence expanding the ways we experience the world. Come join WiCS as we host a panel of 3 influential women who are helping to shape the future of the arts. This is a free public event, so be sure to bring your friends! We will be providing free food as well!


    6:30pm to 8:00pm
    2229 SC
    See program for details
    Women in Computing Science (WiCS) | Students in Technology and Sciences (SiTS) | EPX
  • Apr08

    Raspberry pi's are tiny affordable single-board computers that are nearly the size of a credit card. They enable you creating a portable version of your project with just a power source and, if you want an IoT device, an internet connection. They're a huge advantage for any hardware project due to their size and versatility! In this workshop, we'll be going over a basic project using this handy device!

    Minimal programming experience required. If you have a raspberry pi, feel free to bring it to the workshop!

    5:00pm to 6:30pm
    3321 SC
    SiTS - Students in Technology and Sciences
  • Apr06

    Moderator: Teresa Mangum (Obermann Center; Gender, Women’s, and Sexuality Studies and English)

    Activities and inventions at the intersection of arts, design, and technology can enrich the experience of the world around us. This conversational panel features artists and scholars whose work at the intersection engages deeply with people negotiating with
    learning and social abilities related to success and quality of life.

    1:30pm to 2:30pm
    Iowa City Public Library, Room A
    See program for details
    The Obermann Center for Advanced Studies | CAB | School of Social Work | The Ida Beam Visiting Professorships Program
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