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  • Nov11

    ACM@UIOWA is hosting a tech talk with Steve Davis from Bio::Neos on Containerization. The talk will focus on what containerization is, why it is important, how it is utilized in software development, and a live demonstration using Docker

    . If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Andrew Murley .

    Zoom - See emails for details
    Steve Davis, President
  • Nov06

    Sparse matrix computations are not amenable to GPU processing due to their irregular memory access patterns and limited data reuses. Previous works have focused on accelerating sparse matrix-vector (SpMV) or sparse matrix-matrix multiplication (SpGEMM). Recently, sparse-matrix dense-matrix multiplication (SpMM) has arisen in various machine learning applications. Unfortunately, previous techniques for SpMV and SpGEMM fail to achieve good performance for SpMM.

    4:00pm to 5:00pm
    Zoom - See emails for details
    Peng Jiang
    UI Dept of Computer Science
  • Nov06

    The Computer Science (CS) department welcomes prospective students interested in our graduate programs to our annual Prospective Student Visit Day on Fri, Nov 6.

    (All day)
    This event will be held remotely; details TBD
    UI CS Grad Students and Faculty
    University of Iowa Computer Science Department
  • Nov05

    State Farm Representatives, Peter Jefferson, Justin Johnsen, and Elliott Newman are presenting for ACM@UIOWA! They will be talking about State Farm's interview process, life as an intern, and what to expect as a full-time employee. If you have any questions or concerns about the event, please reach out to Andrew Murley .


    Zoom - See email for details
    State Farm Representatives
  • Nov04

    Have you ever wondered what you can do with a computer science degree after graduating? Join us for a career-building Q&A session with a professional in the tech field. University of Iowa graduate Amara Jammalamadaka will be discussing her role as a database administrator at Uline. She will also talk about the wide range of opportunities for computer science graduates in the tech industry. We hope to see you all there.

    Zoom - See emails for details
    University of Iowa Alumna Amara Jammalamadaka
    SiTS - Students in Technology and Science
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