Undergraduate Programs

Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science offers two majors:

Each provides students with an understanding of the fundamental ideas in computing—computation and algorithms, software and hardware systems, and networking—but the informatics major has a stronger focus on computing applications.

Computer science is a popular major for first-year students at Iowa. It develops competence in programming principles and methodologies, problem-solving techniques, mathematics, and computer systems. Informatics combines competence in computational methods with expertise in a particular domain, such as geography or public health, which supports informed decision making.

Both majors provide outstanding preparation for the enormous variety of twenty-first-century careers in which computing knowledge plays a key role, and both programs have a strong commitment to fostering undergraduate research.

For your advising needs, you may contact Emma Kirk, our Senior Academic Advisor, our Administrative team at CS-INFO@list.uiowa.edu, or your assigned advisor.

In addition, you may use the Academic Planning worksheet to track your semester hours and GPAs.