Honors students in the Department of Computer Science must be members of the University of Iowa Honors Program, which requires students to maintain a cumulative University of Iowa g.p.a. of at least 3.33 (contact the University of Iowa Honors Program for more information).

To graduate with honors in computer science or informatics, students must complete 4-6 s.h. of CS:3990 Honors in Computer Science or Informatics and submit an acceptable honors thesis. The honors thesis for computer science or informatics - if accepted by the UI Honors Program - earns an Honors Commendation. Students are responsible for finding a faculty member willing to supervise their honors project. The faculty member must approve the proposed project and a timetable for the work. Students register for CS:3990 Honors in Computer Science or Informatics under the thesis supervisor's instructor name. Students may count 3 s.h. of CS:3990 Honors in Computer Science or Informatics toward an advanced or technical elective for the B.S. in computer science. Students in the joint bachelor's/master's degree program may register for 4-6 s.h. of CS:5990 Individualized Research or Programming Project instead of CS:3990. This will allow them to receive graduate credit for the course while satisfying the course requirements to graduate with honors.

Please contact Cesare Tinelli, the Honors Project Coordinator, for more information.