Informatics Cognate: Bioinformatics (BS)

The informatics major with the bioinformatics cognate requires a minimum of 58 s.h. of work for the major, including at least 30 s.h. in cognate courses. The bioinformatics cognate is intended for students interested in applications of computing to the biological sciences. It may lead to careers in laboratory research, biotechnology, data management, and other related areas. It also may prepare students for graduate programs in bioinformatics or genetics. Cognate courses are drawn primarily from biology and chemistry.

Students who choose the bioinformatics cognate must satisfy the major's statistics requirement with either STAT:2010 Statistical Methods and Computing or STAT:3510 Biostatistics.

All of these:

Informatics Cognate: Bioinformatics (BS)
Course Number & Name Semester Hours
BIOL:1411-BIOL:1412 Foundations of Biology - Diversity of Form and Function 8 s.h.
CHEM:1110-CHEM:1120 Principles of Chemistry I-II 8 s.h.

BIOL:2512 Fundamental Genetics

4 s.h.
BIOL:3172 Evolution 4 s.h.

Two of these:

Informatics Cognate: Bioinformatics (BS) - two of these.
Course Number & Name Semester Hours

BIOL:2673 Ecology

3 s.h.
BIOL:3314 Genomics 3 s.h.
BIOL:4213 Bioinformatics 4 s.h.
BIOL:5320 Computational Genomics 3 s.h.