Informatics Cognate: Human-Computer Interaction (BA)

The informatics major with the human-computer interaction cognate requires a minimum of 46 s.h. of work for the major, including at least 21 s.h. in cognate courses. The human-computer interaction cognate is intended for students interested in designing useful and usable technologies. It can lead to careers in interaction design, web design, implementation of user interfaces, and evaluation of human-computer interactions as well as provide valuable skills for graduate study in human-computer interaction.

The cognate's courses are drawn largely from psychology, sociology, and industrial engineering. Four required courses include foundational aspects of psychology or sociology, an examination of basic human abilities and performance relevant to information technology use, and an introduction to research topics in human-computer interaction.

This course:

Informatics Cognate: Human-Computer Interaction (BA)
Course Number & Name Semester Hours
CS:4500 Research Methods in Human-Computer Interaction 3 s.h.

Either both psychology courses or both sociology courses:

Informatics Cognate: Human-Computer Interaction (BA) - Either both psychology courses or both sociology courses
Course Number & Name Semester Hours

PSY:1001 & PSY:2601 Elementary Psychology - Introduction to Cognitive Psychology

6 s.h.

SOC:1010 & SOC:2130 Introduction to Sociology - Sociological Theory

6-7 s.h.

One art course from these:

Informatics Cognate: Human-Computer Interaction (BA) - One art course from these
Course Number & Name Semester Hours

ARTS:1020 Elements of 3-D Design

3 s.h.

ARTS:1070 Elements of Graphic Design (recommended)

3 s.h.

ARTS:1090 Elements of Animation

3 s.h.

One of these:

Informatics Cognate: Human-Computer Interaction (BA) - One of these
Course Number & Name Semester Hours
IE:3400 Human Factors 3 s.h.
PSY:2401 Introduction to Developmental Science 3 s.h.
PSY:2501 Introduction to Social Psychology 3 s.h.
PSY:2701 Introduction to Behavioral Neuroscience 4 s.h.

Two additional computer science courses (prefix CS) numbered 3000 or above, except CS:5990, to complete 21 s.h. for the human-computer interaction cognate


Most courses in this list have prerequisites, which students must complete before they may register for the course. Most of the psychological and brain science courses (prefix PSY) require PSY:1001 Elementary Psychology as a prerequisite. Students should review prerequisites carefully before making their selections.