Informatics Cognate: Linguistics (BA)

The informatics major with the linguistics cognate requires a minimum of 47 s.h. of work for the major, including at least 22 s.h. in cognate courses. Linguistics, the scientific study of human languages, is directly related to psychology, anthropology, and computer science as well as to more applied fields such as second language acquisition or speech and hearing science. The cognate focuses on computational representations of syntax and semantics for processing natural language. Cognate courses are drawn primarily from linguistics.

All of these:

Informatics Cognate: Linguistics (BA)
Course Number & Name Semester Hours

CSD:3112 Anatomy and Physiology of Speech Production

4 s.h.

CSD:3116 Basic Neuroscience for Speech and Hearing

3 s.h.
LING:3001 Introduction to Linguistics 3 s.h.
LING:3005 Articulatory and Acoustic Phonetics 3 s.h.
LING:3010 Syntactic Analysis 3 s.h.
LING:3020 Phonological Analysis 3 s.h.

LING:3080 History of the English Language

3 s.h