Informatics Cognate: Music (BA)

The informatics major with the music cognate requires a minimum of 48 s.h. of work for the major, including 23 s.h. in cognate courses. The music cognate is intended for students interested in audio recording, manipulation of sound, and digital media. It may help students prepare for careers in the entertainment industry. Cognate courses are primarily from music, with some from cinematic arts and theatre arts. Entering students must possess basic musicianship skills; an audition may be required for admission.

When students begin work on this cognate, they should enroll in MUS:1201 Musicianship and Theory I and they must take the Placement Exam A, which is administered online during the summer before fall semester begins, to determine readiness for the Musicianship and Theory course sequence. See Musicianship and Theory Placement on the School of Music website for more information. Advanced placement in School of Music courses does not reduce the number of semester hours required for the cognate.

All of these:

Informatics Cognate: Music (BA)
Course Number & Name Semester Hours
MUS:1200 Fundamentals of Music for Majors * 0 s.h.
MUS:1201 Musicianship and Theory I 4 s.h.
MUS:1202 Musicianship and Theory II 4 s.h.
MUS:1211 Group Instruction in Piano I 1 s.h.
MUS:1212 Group Instruction in Piano II 1 s.h.
MUS:3780 Audio Recording I 3 s.h.
MUS:3781 Audio Recording II 3 s.h.

* On the basis of an online exam, students may be required to enroll in this course concurrently with MUS:1201.

One of these:

Informatics Cognate: Music (BA) - one of these
Course Number & Name Semester Hours
MUS:1310 World Music 3 s.h.
MUS:1720 History of Jazz 3 s.h.
MUS:2301 History of Music I 3 s.h.
MUS:2302 History of Music II 3 s.h.
MUS:2311 Music of Latin America and the Caribbean 3 s.h.

At least one of these, to complete 23 s.h. for the music cognate:

Informatics Cognate: Music (BA) - At least one of these, to complete 23 s.h. for the cognate.
Course Number & Name Semester Hours

CS:2800 Digital Arts: An Introduction

3 s.h.
CINE:4841 Film/Video Production: Sound Design 4 s.h.
MUS:1007 Garage Band: The Basics 2 s.h.
MUS:1010 Recital Attendance for Nonmajors 1 s.h.
THTR:3260 Sound Design for the Theatre 3 s.h.