Large Data Analysis Certificate FAQ

  1. Do I have to be a Mathematics, Computer Science, or Statistics student to get the certificate?

    Just like with a minor you can get the certificate in CLAS if you are in another department or college.

  2. If I am a Graduate student can I get the certificate?

    No, but students can return to complete a certificate after earning the BA, BS, or any other degree at the University of Iowa as long as they are not currently in a graduate or professional program.

  3. What is the best time to start?

    As soon as possible, so that you can spread the course over time if you wish, but starting as a Junior gives you plenty of time. You can even start in the middle of your Junior year. It takes a typical full-time undergraduate student 120 credit hours to graduate, however this is much more than what is required by the major. If you choose your non-major courses wisely you can use them for this certificate. So you may not need to take any extra classes beyond the 120 hours to get the certificate in addition to the major.

  4. Can you double count courses for both certificate and major?

    Yes, but only up to 6 hours can count twice (for the certificate and for the major).

  5. How and when will scholarships be decided?

    Scholarships will be decided by the academic coordinator in consultation with the advisory board. Once you have an informal plan of study, submit it to the academic advisor or any affiliated faculty.

  6. When can I declare the certificate? When can I graduate?

    Starting in Fall 2015 you can go to College of Liberal Arts and Sciences to declare the certificate. The first graduates will be students who are planning their schedule now; the earliest you can graduate is December 2015.

  7. Who can supervise a student with a certificate scholarship?

    Any affiliated faculty willing to work on a project for the capstone course can supervise a student who receives certificate funding.

  8. How can I get substitutions for the listed courses approved?

    The academic coordinator has to sign your plan of study.

  9. Who are the affiliated faculty?

    Computer Science, Mathematics, or Statistics Faculty who have interest and expertise in Big Data research and/or teach relevant courses for the certificate. The current list of affiliated faculty is posted on this web page.

Additional program information:

  • The plan of study form is on the main Certificate Page. Fill out, save, and email a copy to the academic advisor (Prof. Oliveira) for approval.
  • Students can only declare the certificate after August, 24th 2015.
  • For STAT:2010 and STAT:3200, the registration restriction will be lifted immediately after early registration ends. Students should register the day after early registration ends; there will be seats left.
  • For the Tippie College of Business classes, students must contact the ad-hoc department to request enrollment, mentioning "Large Data Analysis Certificate."
  • Affiliated faculty should be able to answer questions. If the answer is not on the FAQ page they should email the academic coordinator (Prof. Oliveira) right away.
  • For financial support talk to the grant PIs (Professors Oliveira, Ayati, Cowles, Darcy, and Stewart).
    Application deadline is May 1st for Summer, and August 1st for Fall.