UI Spring 2017 Theme Semester

Our Lives Online, the University of Iowa’s spring 2017 Theme Semester about the Internet and technology, will explore the global system of connectedness, networks, and collaboration discovered in our past and emerging in our present future. The Internet is a source of information, promoting...

Our Lives Online, the University of Iowa’s spring 2017 Theme Semester

Theme Semester is a program of The University of Iowa's Office of Outreach & Engagement

UICC 2017

The tenth annual University of Iowa Computing Conference, hosted February 24 and 25, 2017 by the UI ACM student chapter and the UI Department of Computer Science, featured five local and national speakers.

UICC '17 logo: a circuit board in the shape of a Facebook-inspired "Like" thumbs-up

All UI and regional students with an interest in computing are welcome to attend the UICC.

Artificial Intelligence Forms a Conduit To Critical, Creative Thinking in Future Teachers

"During a recent Topics in Education class, students created a dialog about the possible role of artificially intelligent robots in an education setting and beyond, thanks to the assistance of Denise Szecsei, a lecturer in the Math and Computer Science departments in the University of Iowa's CLAS."

Artificial Intelligence Forms A Conduit To Critical, Creative Thinking In Future Teachers - October 26, 2016 -

Photo by Mei-Ling Shaw Williams | Denise Szecsei prepares the robots for a mock debate at the Kirkwood Regional Center at the University of Iowa.

CS@UI Timeline

Explore this visual chronicle of our history. We encourage you to contribute to this living document by sharing a memory of your time at Iowa: https://www.cs.uiowa.edu/node/813

March 11, 1965 Departmental Milestones: "Authority was granted to create [...] a Department of Computer Science...]

From the seeds of creation to current happenings, we hope that you enjoy this interactive history of our department.

Ryan Wedoff's Smart IOT Apartment Display Board and a Raspberry Pi running Alic Szecsei's NAO Robot communication program.

Microsoft Student Partner/ACM Raspberry Pi Bake Off

The 2017 MSP/ACM Raspberry Pi Bake Off ended on the evening of Thursday, March 9! Starting in January, students had the opportunity to...