You Are Welcome Here!

The goal of the #YouAreWelcomeHere campaign is to “…affirm that our institutions are diverse, friendly, safe, and committed to student development” ( The University of Iowa will now be added to this list of participants.


Video by UI International Programs.

Robot Theater Summer Camp

After becoming familiar with them, students work in groups to program the robots to perform in a variety of skits used to create a final show. Click for details on this year's camp for grades 6-8.


Video by University of Iowa College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Computer Organization on the Pentacrest

Computer Science faculty member Brandon Myers held his April 7 CS:2630 Computer Organization lecture "al fresco" on a beautiful Spring day in Iowa City.

A blue sky and sunny day illuminate the Old Capitol and Brandon Myers's Computer Organization lecture on April 7

Computer Organization on the Pentacrest

Artificial Intelligence Forms a Conduit To Critical, Creative Thinking in Future Teachers

"During a recent Topics in Education class, students created a dialog about the possible role of artificially intelligent robots in an education setting and beyond, thanks to the assistance of Denise Szecsei, a lecturer in the Math and Computer Science departments in the University of Iowa's CLAS."

Artificial Intelligence Forms A Conduit To Critical, Creative Thinking In Future Teachers - October 26, 2016 -

Photo by Mei-Ling Shaw Williams | Denise Szecsei prepares the robots for a mock debate at the Kirkwood Regional Center at the University of Iowa.

'11 MCS Alum Tyler Jensen at Kiew Lom View Point outside of Pai, a small backpackers paradise in Northern Thailand.

Thoughts of a Recent Graduate: Tyler Jensen

Tyler Jensen is a 2011 MCS graduate. He is the Co-Founder & CTO at SpareChange Inc....