2016 Graduate Research Symposium and Prospective Student Visit Day

Senior CS PhD students will present talks on their latest work, showcasing research areas including algorithms, mobile computing, networks, programming languages, and virtual reality. Intended audience includes CS juniors and seniors and prospective MCS and PhD students.

Pooya Rahimian, fourth-year Ph.D. candidate at Iowa, presented this study at IEEE VR/3DUI 2016.

Slide from a presentation by Pooya Rahimian, fourth-year Ph.D. candidate at Iowa, at IEEE VR 2016. He will share this study during the 2016 Grad Symposium.

The University of Iowa's DEC PDP-8

Prof. Doug Jones and students have been restoring a PDP-8 microcomputer purchased by the UI Psych Dept in 1965. It was demoed as part of our 50th Anniversary.

PDP-8 in 1966 Psych Dept. vs demoed for 50th Anniversary

PDP-8 in 1966 UI Psych Dept. vs. demoed for 50th Anniversary

Department welcomes three new faculty members

Omar Chowdhury, Brandon Myers, and Kyle Rector join the Computer Science Department at the University of Iowa. Click for more on our new faculty.        

Chowdhury, Myers, and Rector with Old Capitol in the background

Kyle Rector and Omar Chowdhury join the Department as its newest Assistant Professors; Brandon Myers joins CS@UI as its newest Lecturer.

Artificial Intelligence Forms a Conduit To Critical, Creative Thinking in Future Teachers

"During a recent Topics in Education class, students created a dialog about the possible role of artificially intelligent robots in an education setting and beyond, thanks to the assistance of Denise Szecsei, a lecturer in the Math and Computer Science departments in the University of Iowa's CLAS."

Artificial Intelligence Forms A Conduit To Critical, Creative Thinking In Future Teachers - October 26, 2016 -

Photo by Mei-Ling Shaw Williams | Denise Szecsei prepares the robots for a mock debate at the Kirkwood Regional Center at the University of Iowa.

Chowdhury with Old Capitol in the background

Department welcomes Omar Chowdhury to its faculty

Omar Chowdhury is an Assistant Professor at the University of Iowa in the Department of Computer Science. He recently was a Post-Doctoral...