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The goal of the #YouAreWelcomeHere campaign is to “…affirm that participating institutions — including the University of Iowa — are diverse, friendly, safe, and committed to student development” (


Video by UI International Programs.

UICC 2019

Click link above to register for the twelth annual University of Iowa Computing Conference, hosted by the UI ACM student chapter and the UI Department of Computer Science.

UICC 2019 Feb 22-23 2019  Where: LIB & AJB Registration Open Now! Register by 2/12 for FREE SWAG  More at

All UI and regional students with an interest in computing are welcome to attend the UICC.

CS@UI Timeline

Explore this visual chronicle of our history. We encourage you to contribute to this living document by sharing a memory of your time at Iowa:

March 11, 1965 Departmental Milestones: "Authority was granted to create [...] a Department of Computer Science...]

From the seeds of creation to current happenings, we hope that you enjoy this interactive history of our department.

Artificial Intelligence Forms a Conduit To Critical, Creative Thinking in Future Teachers

"During a recent Topics in Education class, students created a dialog about the possible role of artificially intelligent robots in an education setting and beyond, thanks to the assistance of Denise Szecsei, a lecturer in the Math and Computer Science departments in the University of Iowa's CLAS."

Artificial Intelligence Forms A Conduit To Critical, Creative Thinking In Future Teachers - October 26, 2016 -

Photo by Mei-Ling Shaw Williams | Denise Szecsei prepares the robots for a mock debate at the Kirkwood Regional Center at the University of Iowa.

Greatness STEMS from Iowans - Governor's STEM Advisory Council - Innovation Fund awardees Announced; with picture of a Cozmo

STEM Innovation Fund Awards Four Stellar Stem Programs, including one by CS@UI

Along with three others - out of twenty submissions - the Iowa STEM Council chose a CS @ UI proposal, led by Denise Szecsei, to develop...