CLAS Technology Services

Provides departmental faculty and staff with PC/Mac support (hardware and software).
CLAS Technology Services

CLAS Linux Group

The CLAS Linux Group team offers a variety of services, including consultation services, compliance, managed Linux loads (server and desktop), network file services including backup and recovery, personal web hosting, Linux printing, data center hosting, hardware configuration, software and license management.  The staff supports the basic network infrastructure and computing environment for state-of-the-art Linux desktops, servers, clusters and cloud computing resources used in the educational and research facilities, classrooms and offices throughout the college.
CLAS Linux Group
New "client-less" Linux desktop available online
Personal Web Pages Service

Information Technology Services (ITS)

Information Technology Services (ITS) caters to the diverse technology needs of University of Iowa students, employees, and visitors. ITS provides technical support, resources, and services to help everyone at the UI work smarter, faster, and safer.
Information Technology Services (ITS)
Suggested Computer Configurations for Students

Additional Support

Microsoft Imagine (formerly DreamSpark) - Provides information on the special subscription to Microsoft's resource for developers, MSDN.

Computer Labs

The Computer Classroom (117 MLH) and the Mathematical Sciences computer labs (346 SH, B5 MLH, 301 MLH) are open whenever the buildings are open, with no card swipe required. Just push the door open. However, the rooms are scheduled for various labs and classes throughout the week. For detailed information on available hours and how to access the Computer Science or Mathematics Computer Laboratories, visit Getting into a Laboratory.

The Computing Lab (301 MLH) is RESERVED for classes during the semester:

The Computing Lab (301 MLH) Reserved Hours
301 MLH Mondays


301 MLH Tuesdays

8–9:15am, 9:30–10:45am, 11–12:15pm, 12:30–1:45pm, 2–3:15pm, 3:30 –4:45pm, 5–6:15pm, 6:30–7:45pm

301 MLH Wednesdays

10:30–11:20am (PENDING), 11:30–12:20pm, 12:30–1:20pm, 4:30–5:20pm, 5:30–6:20pm, 6:30–7:45pm

301 MLH Thursdays

8–9:15am, 11–12:15pm, 12:30–1:45pm, 2–3:15pm, 3:30–4:45pm, 6:30–7:45pm

301 MLH Friday