Name Office Hours Phone Email
Antonio Bianchi 201G MLH By appointment 467-0656
Octav Chipara 201D MLH By appointment 335-0561
Omar Chowdhury 1408 SC By appointment 335-0745
Lavinia Ciungu 1N MLH By appointment 335-0764
James Cremer 101P MLH By appointment 321-1893
Inés Z. Curto 201E MLH By appointment 335-0739
Sukumar Ghosh 201P MLH By appointment 335-0738 sukumar-ghosh {at}
Steve Goddard 240 SH 319-335-2611
Ted Herman 201M MLH By appointment 335-2833
Juan Pablo Hourcade 101L MLH By appointment 353-2543
Douglas W. Jones 201H MLH By appointment 335-0740
Joseph K. Kearney 101M MLH By appointment 335-0741
Brandon Myers 201K MLH By appointment 335-0718
Rishab Nithyanand 201L MLH By appointment 467-0657
Suely Oliveira 101H MLH By appointment 335-0731
Sriram Pemmaraju 101G MLH By appointment 353-2956
Kyle Rector 101K MLH By appointment 353-2542
Alberto Maria Segre 14G MLH By appointment 335–1713
Zubair Shafiq 201J MLH By appointment 335-0742
Padmini Srinivasan 101F MLH By appointment 335-0737
Aaron Stump 1406 SC By appointment 384-0093
Denise Szecsei 101J MLH By appointment 353-2549
Cesare Tinelli 1410 SC By appointment 335-0735
Kasturi R. Varadarajan 101D MLH By appointment 335-0732
Tianbao Yang 101E MLH By appointment 353-2541
Hantao Zhang 201B MLH By appointment 353-2545
Adjunct and Visiting Faculty
Name Office Hours Phone Email
Palani Andiappan 14 MLH By appointment
Raman Aravamudhan 14 MLH By appointment 335-0733
Lee Carmen W139 GH By appointment
In Jeong Chung 201C MLH ThF 11-11:50, and by appointment 335-2839
Tony deLaubenfels 101F MLH MW 11:45-12:45; TTh 9:30-10:30, and by appointment
James Dibble B1J MLH By appointment 335-0779
L. Miguel Encarnação S330 PBB By appointment 321-0075
Aleksey Gurtovoy 201C MLH By appointment
Kevin Lillis 201F MLH By appointment 335-0737
Gary Monnard 201F MLH By appointment
Faculty by Courtesy
Name Office Hours Phone Email
Kurt M. Anstreicher C120 PBB By appointment 335-0865
Nick Street S210 PBB By appointment 335-1016
Emeritus Faculty
Name Title Office Phone Email
Donald Alton Professor Emeritus
Kendall E. Atkinson Professor Emeritus; with Mathematics 1B MLH 335-0766
Robert J. Baron Professor Emeritus
Steve Bruell Professor Emeritus
Donald Epley Professor Emeritus
Arthur C. Fleck Professor Emeritus
Gregg Oden Professor Emeritus; with Psychology
Teodor Rus Professor Emeritus
Ken Slonneger Adjunct Lecturer Emeritus
Postdoctoral Scholars
Name Title Office Phone Email
M. Fareed Arif Postdoctoral Research Scholar 1412 SC
Haniel Barbosa Postdoctoral Research Scholar 1412 SC
Daniel Larraz Postdoctoral Research Scholar 1412 SC
Jacob Simmering Postdoctoral Research Scholar S532 PHAR
Stephan Spahn Postdoctoral Research Scholar 1418 SC
Name Title Office Phone Email
Brian Bacher IT Support Consultant 303A MLH 335-1512
Matthieu Biger Admin Services Coordinator Sustainability Charter Committee Staff Representative 14 MLH 467-0743 matthieu-biger {at}
Chris Brenneman Admin Services Coordinator, University Shared Services 21 MLH
Matthew Brockman Senior Systems Administrator 303A MLH 335-2730
Brad Carson Senior Systems Administrator 303A MLH 353-2243
Aran Cox Senior Systems Administrator 303A MLH 335-0747
Mariana Curi Research Scientist 101F MLH 335-0733
Dan Holstad Senior Systems Administrator 303A MLH 335-0748
Jingwei Ji Research Specialist 311 MLH 335-0808
Emma Kirk Senior Academic Advisor B20H MLH 335-0793
Andrew Reynolds Assistant Research Scientist 1416 SC 353-2547
Sheryl Semler Grad Program Coordinator 14E MLH 335-0707
Catherine Till Departmental Administrator 14F MLH 335-0746
J.J. Urich IT Director 303A MLH 335-0750
Rachel Vrchoticky Senior Accountant 21 MLH 335-0702