Name Office Hours Phone Email
Octav Chipara 201L MLH TTh 9-10:30 and by appointment 335-0561
Omar Chowdhury 201G MLH W 10-11:30; Th 3-4:30 and by appointment 335-0745
James Cremer 101P MLH T 1-2; F 10:30-11:30, and by appointment 321-1893
Ines Z. Curto 201E MLH M 1:30-3; W 1-2:30 and by appointment 335-0739
Sukumar Ghosh 201P MLH By appointment 335-0738
Ted Herman 201M MLH TTh 10-11; F 11-12 and by appointment 335-2833
Juan Pablo Hourcade 101L MLH TThF 11-12 and by appointment 353-2543
Douglas W. Jones 201H MLH MWF 2:30-3:30 and by appointment 335-0740
Joseph K. Kearney 101M MLH By appointment 335-0741
Brandon Myers 201K MLH M 3:30-4:30; W 5-6 & 6-7 and by appointment 335-0718
Suely Oliveira 101H MLH TW 1:30-3, and by appointment 335-0731
Sriram Pemmaraju 101G MLH M 1:30-2:30, W 10:30-11:30, F 2-3 and by appointment 353-2956
Kyle Rector 101K MLH TTh 3:30-4:30; W 1-2pm and by appointment 353-2542
Daniel A. Reed 201 GH By appointment 335-2119
Alberto Maria Segre 14G MLH By appointment 335–1713
Zubair Shafiq 201J MLH TTh 1:45-2:30, by appointment only 335-0742
Padmini Srinivasan 101F MLH M 1:30-2:45; W 10-11 and by appointment 335-0733
Aaron Stump 201F MLH Students: see course site; or by appointment 319-384-0093
Denise Szecsei 101J MLH 1110: M 1:15-2:15, T 3:30-4:30, W 3:30-4:30 and by appointment 353-2549
Cesare Tinelli 201D MLH M 2-3:30; W 11:30-12:30 and by appointment 335-0735
Kasturi R. Varadarajan 101D MLH MW 2-3:30 and by appointment 335-0732
Tianbao Yang 101E MLH WF 3:30-4:45 and by appointment 353-2541
Hantao Zhang 201B MLH T 1-2; Th 9-10:30 and by appointment 353-2545
Adjunct and Visiting Faculty
Name Office Hours Phone Email
Palani Andiappan 101A MLH W 5-5:30pm and by appointment 353-2540
Raman Aravamudhan 101B MLH CS:4980:2 T 3:30-5:00pm | CS:5800 M 3:30-5:30pm (both by appointment only) 335-0737
Lee Carmen W139 GH F 9:30-11:30 and by appointment
L. Miguel Encarnação 14 MLH By appointment 335-0713
Thomas Hornbeck 101B MLH By appointment 400-9929
Kevin Lillis MW 2-3; and by appointment
Israel Neuman W 3:45-5:15 and by appointment
Faculty by Courtesy
Name Office Hours Phone Email
Kurt M. Anstreicher C120 PBB By appointment 335-0865
Nick Street S210 PBB By appointment 335-1016
Emeritus Faculty
Name Title Office Phone Email
Donald Alton Professor Emeritus
Kendall E. Atkinson Professor Emeritus; with Mathematics 1B MLH 335-0766
Robert J. Baron Professor Emeritus
Steve Bruell Professor Emeritus
Donald Epley Professor Emeritus
Arthur C. Fleck Professor Emeritus
Gregg Oden Professor Emeritus; with Psychology
Teodor Rus Professor Emeritus
Ken Slonneger Adjunct Lecturer Emeritus
Postdoctoral Scholars
Name Title Office Phone Email
Denis Firsov Postdoctoral Research Scholar 317 MLH 335-1325
Daniel Larraz Postdoctoral Research Scholar 201N MLH 353-2547
Name Title Office Phone Email
Anthony Andrys Application Developer 311 MLH 335-0808
Brian Bacher IT Support Consultant 303A MLH 335-1512
Matthieu Biger Admin Services Coordinator 14 MLH 335-0713 matthieu-biger {at}
Matthew Brockman Senior Systems Administrator 303A MLH 335-2730
Brad Carson Senior Systems Administrator 303A MLH 353-2243
Aran Cox Senior Systems Administrator 303A MLH 335-0747
Dan Holstad Senior Systems Administrator 303A MLH 335-0748
Jingwei Ji Research Specialist 311 MLH 335-0808
Emma Kirk Senior Academic Advisor B20H MLH 335-0793
Andrew Reynolds Assistant Research Scientist 201N MLH 353-2547
Sheryl Semler Academic Services Coordinator 14E MLH 335-0707
Catherine Till Departmental Administrator 14F MLH 335-0746
J.J. Urich IT Director 303A MLH 335-0750
Rachel Vrchoticky Senior Accountant 21 MLH 335-0702