Established in 1965, the University of Iowa’s Computer Science Department was one of the first in the nation with the authority to grant graduate degrees in Computer Science. Since then, the department has produced thousands of distinguished graduates.

Recent advances in both hardware and algorithms as well as fresh concerns with related societal issues such as algorithmic fairness and the risks of poorly secured software have all served to highlight the importance of core computer science research.

Our faculty routinely engage in cutting-edge, externally funded research in artificial intelligence and machine learning, distributed computing and algorithms, computation theory and logic, high-performance and networked computing, software security, privacy and anonymity, health and wellness technologies, computational epidemiology, human computer interaction, and virtual reality. As the resulting technical advances often have outsize impact in other disciplines, our faculty also embrace interdisciplinary research projects with colleagues from Liberal Arts and Sciences, Engineering, Medicine, Nursing, Public Health, and Education. At the same time, we are charged with developing capable human capital for the State of Iowa, in the form of BA/BS/BSE/MCS and PhD level computer scientists, engineers, informaticians, and data scientists, while ensuring all Iowa graduates -- no matter their chosen discipline -- are well versed in computational thinking, and able to readily grasp the relevance and impact of computing in today's society.

Please take a moment to browse through these pages and learn about the Department, our faculty and staff, our research, and our many program offerings. Then, come, join us, so that together we may build a better future!