With the retirement of the Iowa Informatics Initiative (UI3) site (formerly informatics.uiowa.edu) and the Computer Science department becoming the new administrative home for informatics at the University of Iowa, we have created this page to assist with finding the necessary information required for undergraduate and graduate studies in informatics.

The hands of a coder programming on a laptop with a coffee cup in the background.

Undergraduate Studies in Informatics

The Computer Science department is the new administrative home for informatics and offers the three options for undergraduate studies in informatics:

Bachelor of Arts in Informatics
Bachelor of Science in Informatics
Minor in Informatics

The graduate student space for the Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Informatics.

Graduate Studies in Informatics

The Graduate College, together with the Computer Science department, combine to offer three options for graduate studies in informatics:

Master of Science in Informatics
Doctor of Philosophy in Informatics
Graduate Certificate in Informatics