Friday, March 2, 2012
The Computer Support Group (CSG) in the Department of Computer Science is giving a seminar called "Intro to Linux for Computation" next semester.

This seminar is a 5-week course.  It is intended for any faculty, staff member, or students who want to learn computation on Linux systems but do not know where to start.  No prior knowledge of Linux is required.  You will be working primarily via a command line interface.

The tentative schedule for each session will be:

  • Week 1: logging in, navigating the file system, basic shell commands, how to get help, file permissions, quota 
  • Week 2: command redirection, shell variables, shell scripts, stdout/stdin/stderr
  • Week 3: transferring files to and fro via ssh and scp
  • Week 4: starting long running commands, process management, sharing resources (nice command)
  • Week 5: recovering data (snapshots), general resource considerations

The seminar will be held in 301 MLH on Mondays from 3:30-4:20 from Mar 26 - Apr 23.  

There is room for 30-35 people.  Please sign up for one of the two offerings by sending email to and indicating which offering you are interested in attending. Registration is first come first served. If you won't be able to attend after signing up, please let CSG know.