Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Professor Zubair Shafiq is the Principle Investigator for a grant recently awarded by the NSF.

The objectives of this project, entitled "CRII: NeTS: Towards Measurement and Optimization of Internet Video Quality of Experience," are two-fold. First, it aims to design accurate, scalable, and objective measures of video Quality of Experience (QoE). Such measures will be useful for QoE prediction and identifying factors that affect QoE. Second, it aims to develop a toolbox to measure, analyze, and optimize the impact of heterogeneous links and protocols on video QoE. The toolbox will be useful to identify QoE bottlenecks and shed light on ways to alleviate them. Moreover, it will reveal issues with the underlying network protocols and provide guidance on fixing them.

This project will bridge the areas of networking, signal processing, and human-computer interaction and foster interaction among them. The PI will work closely with stakeholders to facilitate the transfer of technology from the research environment to actual commercial deployments. The educational side of the project will integrate research findings in the undergraduate and graduate curricula at the University of Iowa.

This two-year project has been awarded $174,998.

Unabridged award abstract may be found here.