Wednesday, May 10, 2017

"The process of balancing more than one task requires careful planning, experience, and commitment. Much like balancing two objects, maintaining balance in the professional world also can be a challenge. For Assistant Professor of Computer Science Kyle Rector, however, balancing teaching and research has become more a process of combining two major aspects of her professional career into one key goal: improving accessibility through technology. Rector first became interested in Computer Science while working on an undergraduate research project at Oregon State University exploring the gender differences when using spreadsheet systems like Microsoft Excel.

She realized how Computer Science could have a positive impact on people and decided to add a Computer Science major in her junior year. As an undergraduate student, Rector conducted human-computer interaction research for 4.5 years. [...]

During the Spring 2017 semester, Rector taught Research and Design of Accessible Computing Technologies. Teaching a course so closely related to her research has proven beneficial for not only her students, but also for herself.

'Being able to teach this content to my students has helped me learn even more about the subject,' Rector says, which has enhanced her research.

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