Tuesday, February 11, 2020

... for "Efficacy and Effectiveness of Advanced Hearing Aid Directional and Noise Reduction Technologies for Older Adults With Mild to Moderate Hearing Loss. Ear and Hearing, 40(4):805-822, (Wu, Yu-Hsiang; Stangl, Elizabeth; Chipara, Octav; Hasan, Syed Shabih; DeVries, Sean; Oleson, Jacob (2019))

"Each year the Editorial Board members select an Ear and Hearing article to be recognized for its outstanding contribution to the literature on hearing and balance.  Our overarching goal at Ear and Hearing is to publish articles that not only advance our basic understanding of hearing and balance but also seek to translate that knowledge into future clinical practice."

This award will be presented at the 2020 American Auditory Society (AAS) meeting.