Friday, December 1, 2023

In a collaboration between the University of Iowa Department of Computer Science and the University of Iowa College of Law, Professor Rishab Nithyanand and Professor Mihailis Diamantis won a $299,994 award from the National Science Foundation to investigate if early and continuous exposure to computing-related laws helps computer science students develop a lawful approach to computing.

Their project, entitled Education DCL: EAGER: Taking Law into Our Own Hands: Infusing Law into CS Education, Early and Often, looks to discuss developing regulations in the world of computing and how their emergence has created a gap in computer science education. The two-year project aims to encourage a computing workforce that is trained to be aware of laws surrounding the profession by integrating principles and practices of emerging technology laws into computer science curriculum.

Nithyanand and Diamantis previously worked together on the interdisciplinary symposium “Beyond the FTC: The Future of Privacy Enforcement” at Harvard Law earlier this spring. The event brough together privacy law and computer science scholars to discuss solutions to challenges that hinder the enforcement of privacy rights in the United States.”

CLAS computer science and College of Law faculty members receive NSF grant to continue collaboration

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