Monday, June 3, 2024
ZachMorris portrait - submitted

Zachary Morris, who graduated this May 2024 with an MCS degree, was chosen to receive the award for “Academic Excellence in the Masters Program” for 2023-24. This competitive honor recognizes academic prowess, the variety and difficulty of courses taken along the way, as well as instructor feedback.

Zach was kind enough to reflect upon this award, his time at Iowa, his very path to Computer Science, as well as what comes next for him.

How did your High School and undergraduate studies lead you to the U. of Iowa as a U2G|MCS student?

I always excelled at mathematics in high school, and pursued a degree in mathematics in undergrad [at Coe College]. The mathematics degree required me to take a CS I course. I enjoyed this course so much I decided to major in computer science despite no prior experience. After completing my degree, I thought furthering my education in computer science was a great idea and chose UIowa because of the people I met there.

How was your experience at Iowa -- including research, courses (as student &/or TA), and other outside-the-department endeavors?

My experience at Iowa was great. I was given many opportunities to learn more about a variety of subfields of computer science. There were great faculty that were always helpful and encouraging. I met many great classmates and friends who helped me further my skills. 

What’s next for you post graduation?

Post graduation I am getting a software engineering job in Denver, CO.

What advice do you have for our students?

My advice for any student is to do as much as you can. Try everything and find what you enjoy. Don’t waste your time.