Cesare Tinelli, Ph.D.

F. Wendell Miller Professor
Research Interests

Professor Tinelli's research interests include automated reasoning, formal methods, software verification, foundations of programming languages, and applications of logic in computer science.

He is a co-director of the Computational Logic Center with Professors Aaron Stump, Omar Chowdhury, and Garrett Morris.

Research Interests (Keywords)

Automated Reasoning, Formal Methods, Verification, Model Checking


Professor Tinelli's work has focused on software verification and on automated reasoning, in particular in Satisfiability Modulo Theory (SMT), a field he helped establish through his research and service activities. He is a founder and coordinator of the SMT-LIB initiative, an international effort aimed at standardizing benchmarks and I/O formats for SMT solvers. He led the development of the award winning Darwin theorem prover and leads the development of the Kind model checker. Together with Prof. Clark Barrett of New York University he also leads the development of the award winning and widely used CVC4 SMT solver. He also involved in the development of StarExec, a cross community web-based service for the comparative evaluation of logic solvers.

He received an NSF CAREER award in 2003 for a project on improving extended static checking of software by means of advanced automated reasoning techniques, and a Haifa Verification Conference award in 2010 for his role in building and promoting the SMT community. He has given invited talks and tutorial at CAV, HVC, NFM, TABLEAUX, VERIFY, and WoLLIC.

His research has been funded both by governmental agencies (AFOSR, AFRL, DARPA, NASA, and NSF) and corporations (Intel, Rockwell Collins, and United Technologies). His work has appeared in more than 60 refereed publications, including articles in such journals as Artificial Intelligence, Information and Computation, Formal Methods in System Design, the Journal of the ACM, Logical Methods in Computer Science, and Theoretical Computer Science.

Research areas
  • Verifiable, Dependable, and High-Performance Systems
Cesare Tinelli
Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1999
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1 Jessup Hall (JH)
Iowa City, IA 52242
United States