Supreeth Shastri, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Research interests

I am an experimental computer scientist. I investigate how the design and operation of modern computer systems are influenced by external/societal factors, and then build system software to manage their impact. My current research explores emerging trends in law and economics, in particular, data protection regulations and cloud economics. If you are curious about societal factors influencing computer systems, and have good system building skills, I would love to hear from you!

Research Interests (Keywords)

Cloud computing, Database systems, Data protection regulations

Selected Publications
  • Supreeth Shastri, Vinay Banakar, Melissa Wasserman, Arun Kumar, and Vijay Chidambaram. Understanding and Benchmarking the Impact of GDPR on Database Systems. VLDB 2020.
  • Supreeth Shastri and David Irwin. Cloud Index Tracking: Enabling Predictable Costs in Cloud Spot Markets. ACM SoCC 2018.
  • Supreeth Shastri and David Irwin. HotSpot: Automated Server Hopping in Cloud Spot Markets. ACM SoCC 2017.
  • Supreeth Shastri, Amr Rizk, and David Irwin. Transient Guarantees: Maximizing the Value of Idle Cloud Capacity. SC 2016.
  • Supreeth Subramanya, Tian Guo, Prateek Sharma, David Irwin, and Prashant Shenoy. SpotOn: A Batch Computing Service for the Spot Market. ACM SoCC 2015.