Q. Who will be assessed the supplemental tuition?

A. Computer Science majors who have earned 60 s.h. or more Overall Earned Hours according to the UI grade report.

Q. How much is it?

A. $521.50 per semester for full-time students; the amount is pro-rated for part-time students. This is charged whether or not you are enrolled in CS courses in a given semester.  It will be charged in any semester in which you are a declared Computer Science major with  60 s.h. or more Overall Earned Hours. Tuition and fee tables may be found here.

Q. What will CLAS and the CS Department use the money for (how will this benefit students)?

A. Funds will be used to attract and hire additional faculty, reducing waitlists, reducing class sizes, and broadening topics taught.

Q. When will supplemental tuition begin to be assessed?

A. Declared CS majors with 60+ s.h. of Overall Earned Hours will be charged the higher tuition rate (base tuition+$500 and mandatory fees, prorated for part-time enrollment) beginning in Fall 2022.

Q. Why is declaring the CS major important (can students avoid paying supplemental tuition by not declaring the major)?

A. Most third and fourth year student are taking 3000- or higher-level courses that are restricted for enrollment to majors only. Therefore, in order to complete the CS degree, it is necessary to be a major in the department. Also, Computer Science is a complex and challenging major. Having the CS major declared allows students to readily access professional and faculty advising in their major in the department, which can facilitate efficient completion of the major as well as improve student experience through course selection, planning, and other undergraduate academic experience opportunities such as research and independent study projects.

Q: How do I declare the CS major?

A: Complete and submit the CS Major Change Request form. Add requests will be processed as they are received. Due to the way University billing works, beginning in Fall 2022, if you have earned 60 semester hours (s.h.) or more you will be billed immediately for supplemental tuition up to $500, regardless of current enrollment in CS courses.

Q: How do I drop the CS major?

A: Complete and submit the CS Major Change Request form. Drop requests will be processed only between the close of classes in the current semester through day 9 of the next semester. When your major drop is processed, you will also be administratively dropped from future enrollment in any CS courses that are restricted to majors. You will not be dropped from courses that are open for Informatics and non-CS majors.

Example 1: In Fall 2022, Student A submits a Major Change Request to drop the CS major on November 10. The request will be processed on December 12, the next business day after the last day of the fall session. Student A had registered in CS:3620 for the Spring 2023 semester, but this enrollment is administratively dropped since Student A no longer qualifies for a seat in the course.

Example 2: In Fall 2022, Student B is enrolled in CS:3640 and CS:3820. Student B submits a Major Change Request to drop the CS major on day 6 of the semester. The request is processed immediately, and the student is administratively dropped from CS:3640 and CS:3820. 

Q: I have submitted a CS Major Change Request form, but I have changed my mind. What do I do?

A: Please send an email to the Undergraduate Programs office at clas-undergrad@uiowa.edu with your name, University ID number, and requested change. Do not submit multiple forms.

Q. Will students earning the CS minor be assessed supplemental tuition?

A. No! Students earning the minor will be able to complete the minor without needing to enroll in advanced courses that are restricted for registration to CS majors. Supplemental tuition will not be assessed to students earning the minor regardless of their year in school.

Q: I am a transfer student with 60 s.h., but I’m starting in CS:1210 or CS:2230. Will I be charged supplemental tuition?

A: Supplemental tuition is charged based on the number of earned credit hours, so students with 60 s.h. of earned credit will be charged regardless of which CS courses they are taking. You may consider declaring the CS minor (along with another major) upon initial transfer to UI and declaring the CS major when you are ready to begin enrolling in upper-level coursework.

Q: It looks like all the seats in the courses I need for my CS minor are reserved for majors. When can I register?

A: Seats for courses that count for the minor will open to minors and non-CS majors after the end of early registration. Please join the waitlist for all sections that work for your schedule. Minors will be prioritized on the waitlist along with majors.

Q. Who can answer questions about supplemental tuition?

A. If you have questions about the major change process and enrollment implications, please contact the CS Department at cs-registration@uiowa.edu. If you have questions about your tuition bill, please contact the University Billing Office at ubill@uiowa.edu.