Data Science Requirements

The Bachelor of Science with a major in data science requires a minimum of 120 s.h., including at least 59 s.h. of work for the major. Students must maintain a g.p.a. of at least 2.00 in all courses for the major and in all UI courses for the major. They also must complete the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences GE CLAS Core


  • Data science majors may not earn a major or minor in computer science or statistics, a major in computer science and engineering, or the Certificate in Social Science Analytics.
  • Students must earn a minimum of a C- in all major coursework to meet prerequisite grade requirement

The B.S. with a major in data science requires the following coursework.

Course List
Code Title Hours
Prerequisite Courses 12-16
Core Courses 26
Advanced Courses 9
Advanced Electives 9
Capstone Courses 3
Total Hours 59-63

Prerequisite Courses

Students choose one of the following sequences.

Course List
Code Title Hours
MATH:1550 Engineering Mathematics I: Single Variable Calculus 4
MATH:1560 Engineering Mathematics II: Multivariable Calculus 4
MATH:2700 Introduction to Linear Algebra 4
Or these:  
MATH:1850 Calculus I 4
MATH:1860 Calculus II 4
MATH:2700 Introduction to Linear Algebra 4
MATH:2850 Calculus III 4

Core Courses

Course List
Code Title Hours
All of these:  
CS:1210 Computer Science I: Fundamentals 4
CS:2210 Discrete Structures 3
CS:2230 Computer Science II: Data Structures 4
CS:3330 Algorithms 3
STAT:2010 Statistical Methods and Computing 3
STAT:3100/IGPI:3100 Introduction to Mathematical Statistics I 3
STAT:3101/IGPI:3101 Introduction to Mathematical Statistics II 3
STAT:3200/IGPI:3200/ISE:3760 Applied Linear Regression 3

Advanced Courses

Course List
Code Title Hours
Both of these:  
CS:4400 Database Systems 3
STAT:4580/IGPI:4580 Data Visualization and Data Technologies 3
One of these:  
CS:5430 Machine Learning 3
STAT:4540/IGPI:4540 Statistical Learning 3

Advanced Electives

Course List
Code Title Hours
Three of these, with at least one computer science course and one statistics course:  
CS:4440 Web Mining 3
CS:4470 Health Data Analytics 3
CS:4700/MATH:4860 High Performance and Parallel Computing 3
CS:5630 Cloud Computing Technology 3
STAT:3210 Experimental Design and Analysis 3
STAT:4520/IGPI:4522/PSQF:4520 Bayesian Statistics 3
STAT:4560 Statistics for Risk Modeling 3
STAT:5810/BIOS:5310/IGPI:5310 Research Data Management 3
Other advanced computer science or statistics courses approved by advisor  

Capstone Courses

Course List
Code Title Hours
Both of these:  
STAT:4880 Data Science Creative Component 1
STAT:4890 Data Science Practicum 2