Study Duck

Debugging Aid

Since the beginning of time, the Study Duck has existed in one form or another; after all, things have perished only it remained. This is due to its power and connections. It has always focused on community, helping others, and the pursuit of knowledge. 

Study Duck is creative, modest, loyal, and perhaps a little too facetious. This isn't surprising considering someone with its position. Over the past millennia, it has studied a lot and was becoming quite desirable. It can be found throughout history in the shadows of successful people, slowly offering assistance to those who need it. With the help of great friends, they are trying to guide people to reach the top of this strange world. It is slowly gaining followers into its ranks and absorbing all the knowledge that comes in its way.

Study duck has reached the pinnacle of all existence and has decided to help others grow and develop in their own ways. It is a teacher to all and looks inwards for self-improvement and outwards in mentorship. Where it will go next no one will know, but we do know those who adopt it move forward as well.  Luckily it is a wise teacher and has great friends to support it.

Study Duck has accompanied Jamil Gafur to class and keeps working along side him in his endeavors for learning.

He was, prior to his move to the University of Iowa community, recognized with an "Herbert H. Lehman College Student STEM Advancement" Honorary Degree.

Study Duck's Honorary Degree