Zubair Shafiq

Zubair Shafiq; Assistant Professor - Department of Computer Science - University of Iowa
Assistant Professor

201J MLH
Office Hours: 
By appointment

Research Interests

Networking; Security; Internet Measurement; Performance Evaluation

Selected Publications

  1. ACM Internet Measurement Conference 2014 - Paying for Likes? Understanding Facebook Like Fraud Using Honeypots
  2. ACM SIGMETRICS Conference 2014 - Understanding the Impact of Network Dynamics on Mobile Video User Engagement
  3. ACM SIGMETRICS Conference 2013 - A First Look at Cellular Network Performance during Crowded Events
  4. ACM SIGMETRICS Conference 2012 - A First Look at Cellular Machine-to-Machine Traffic
  5. ACM SIGMETRICS Conference 2011 - Characterizing and Modeling Internet Traffic Dynamics of Cellular Devices
  6. IEEE Internet Conference on Network Protocols 2013 - Who are You Talking to? Breaching Privacy in Encrypted IM Networks
  7. ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing - Is News Sharing on Twitter Ideologically Biased?
  8. IEEE International Conference on Network Protocols 2012 - A Semantics Aware Approach to Automated Reverse Engineering Unknown Protocols
  9. IEEE INFOCOM Conference 2012 - Characterizing Geospatial Dynamics of Application Usage in a 3G Cellular Data Network
  10. International Conference on Software Engineering 2012 - A Large Scale Exploratory Analysis of Software Vulnerability Life Cycles