Articles from July 2022

Grant Supplement Further Sustains StarExec

Monday, July 18, 2022
Profs. Aaron Stump and Cesare Tinelli received a supplement of $58,446 from the NSF for the StarExec computing research infrastructure.  StarExec is a web service backed by a compute cluster of around 250 nodes. It is used by a dozen or so subcommunities of verification and automated reasoning, for evaluating logic solvers, including through annual evaluations and competitions.
Currin et al. at the 2022 CHI Doctoral Consortium in New Orleans, an international conference of Human-Computer Interaction

Currin: Building purposeful technology through the lens of accessibility

Wednesday, July 13, 2022
Motivated by her experiences growing up with an older brother with Down Syndrome, Computer Science doctoral student Flannery Currin aims to go into a career to help people thrive. When she was younger, she anticipated entering a field like occupational therapy or speech-language pathology until she discovered an interest in computer science. Currin reconciled her desire to help those with disabilities and her interest in computer science by studying human-computer interaction at the University of Iowa.