Articles from December 2023

Yafan Huang, Md Hasanur Rahman, Zhengyang He, and Guanpeng Li posing by SC logo

SC'23 conference debrief Q&A with three PhD students...

Friday, December 15, 2023
In November, Yafan Huang, Md Hasanur Rahman, and Zhengyang He traveled to Denver, Colorado to attend SC’23, the International Conference for High Computing Networking, Storage, and Analysis. The three Ph.D. candidates were joined by their advisor, Guanpeng Li. In total, the University of Iowa CS group had three papers accepted to the conference, which were then presented in different sessions throughout the week: 

Nithyanand et al. receive NSF grant to help CS students develop a lawful approach to computing

Friday, December 1, 2023
In a collaboration between the University of Iowa Department of Computer Science and the University of Iowa College of Law, Professor Rishab Nithyanand and Professor Mihailis Diamantis won a $299,994 award from the National Science Foundation to investigate if early and continuous exposure to computing-related laws helps computer science students develop a lawful approach to computing.