Nithyanand on "Reddit enlists users to combat coronavirus misinformation"

Rishab Nithyanand [...] said it’s totally up to moderators to decide how seriously they want to take the issue of bunk science and lies. “They’re completely unpaid ...

Chowdhury and Purdue CS collaborators receive Distinguished Paper Award at ACSAC

Omar Chowdhudy and Purdue CS team led by PhD student, Imtiaz Karim received a Distinguished Paper Award at the Annual Computer Security Applications Conference (ACSAC).

Faculty member bats a thousand, twice!

Prof. Aaron Stump is celebrating a double thousand: a thousand downloads of his book "Verified Functional Programming in Agda" and a thousand plays of his new podcast "The Iowa Type Theory Commute."...

Jones on "Despite Election Security Fears, Iowa Caucuses Will Use New Smartphone App"

"The idea of security through obscurity is almost always a mistake," says Doug Jones, a computer science professor at the University of Iowa, and a former caucus precinct leader. "...

Jones on "Election Security At The Chip Level"

"If I ran elections with a TPM-based machine, I’d be giving the vendor the trust. And I’d have to ask, do I trust this office?” said Jones.

Jones on "How New Voting Machines Could Hack Our Democracy"

We have a longstanding habit in the United States of adopting voting technology systems for use in the polling place without any real studies of how well they work. We only learn about their failings after the machines are deployed and widely used.

Chowdhury et al., in "UI researchers study hacking concerns in Androids"

"Android technology [...] can be tampered with in order to snoop on the personal data of its owner"...